Michael P. Geraci
Front-End Engineer
 — Senior Front-End Engineer
React/Redux, Webpack, Babel, ESLint, Express-inspired API
Worked on the desktop and mobile web. Owned significant portions of the site (e.g., messaging). Wrote API endpoints to support the web and apps teams. Ran front-end projects, interfacing with designers, product managers, and junior web team members. Managed launches and A/B tests.
OkCupid Labs
 — Front-End Engineer
CoffeeScript JS and Templating, jQuery
Worked as the sole front-end engineer on the R&D team at OkCupid. Polished the established product we had and helped to quickly prototype new ideas.
 — Front-End Engineer
Ruby, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Less
Developed designs with the CEO. Implemented designs in hamstache templates with SASS/CSS in the Ruby on Rails / backbone.js application. Developed wireframes and mockups for iOS application.
 — Co-Founder, Front-End Engineer
Ruby, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Less
Front-end and business work for an appliance aggregator and purchase portal. Worked on user-experience, front-end design and implementation, and graphic design. Seed funded by NYC Seedstart 2010.
The Almanac
 — Co-Founder, Front-End Engineer
Ruby, jQuery, Less
Front-end and business work for a purchase-tracking and climate-change monitoring website. Led front-end design and implementation with jQuery and CSS in Ruby/Rails.
Design Station
 — Business Manager, Art Prep, Screen Printer
Interfaced with clients and print shops. Supervised the creation and production of poster printing department. Created web content; managed website. Designed and prepared print materials; compiled jobs for gang printing. Screen printed garments.
B.Mus. in Technology in Music and Related Arts, Oberlin Conservatory, 2007
Diploma with Honors in Music Theory, Horace Mann High School, 2003
Long-distance Bicycle Touring, Steel Pan, Climbing, Music Recording, Photography